Naomi Chevalier, MD
Psychiatrist, Refuah Health Center
Naomi Chevalier, MD | Psychiatrist, Refuah Health Center

Dr. Naomi Chevalier is a Psychiatrist at the Refuah Health Center, a renowned health care clinic offering solutions primarily to the ultra orthodox population. Refuah was founded on the belief that everyone has a right to excellent health care that is convenient, culturally appropriate, and affordable. In her current capacity, Dr. Chevalier makes the most of her expertise in ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, parenting issues and couple’s therapy, offering high-quality services and compassionate care to those that need it most. 

Dr. Chevalier is responsible for diagnosing and treating individuals who are coping with mental illness. She breaks through cultural barriers that stigmatize mental illness, and works with community leaders to address broader issues, such as bullying, as well. She has garnered a reputation of distinction for her outstanding efforts, and for her commitment to working with and helping people to overcome their issues; she won the Patients’ Choice Award in 2008, and the America’s Top Physician Award in 2012. Through it all, Dr. Chevalier continues to strive for excellence in her every endeavor.

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Naomi Chevalier, MD
Refuah Health Center
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